If you have been thinking of trying a new sport or something that would give you an adrenaline rush that you seek, then give Paramotoring a shot. “What’s that?” you wonder It is a form of paragliding only but in a cart-like unit that is mounted with a motor.

Mandrem beach is a peaceful beach in the north of Goa, close to Arambol and Ashvem beach. This white sand beach has clear water and has a salt-water creek along the beach, where the sea rushes in during high tide, and gurgles out all day. Thanks to the lack of crowds on the beach, you can spot fishermen hauling in their catch for the day, or if you’re lucky, even the odd Olive Ridley turtle.

It is an extremely safe activity. During the launch the speed is quite low and the motor cart aka glider is quite stable. Even during landing, things are pretty smooth. We hear that it is considered safer than even riding a motorcycle. Each joyride lasts for about 5 to 6 minutes starting from take-off to landing. They even have options for 10-minutes joyrides.

Exploring Goa is quite an experience in itself as the place is filled with beautiful beaches and scintillating surroundings. You can discover a lot more to this place by going paramotoring at Mandrem beach in North Goa. Flying over a beach is simply a marvelous experience where you can take in the full view of the crystal clear water of the sea

Necessary Precautions for Paramotoring

> Dress comfortably.
> Make sure you wear proper footwear and ditch sandal, heels or flip flops.
> Ensure you have your safety gear on properly.

Can anybody learn to fly a paramotors?

Yes, anybody above 18 years of age and in good physically condition can fly a paramotor. It is recommended that one completes the non-powered paragliding course before taking up paramotoring. Paramotoring also demands knowledge on meteorology, theory of flight, air navigation, and air regulations. It is important that you learn from a qualified and experienced Instructor.

How safe is Paramotoring?

Paramotoring is safe to a pilot who has done training under a professional Instructor and has gained sound knowledge in related aviation subjects. Learn the correct standard operating procedures. Regularly inspect the flying equipment. Do not venture into areas without landing fields. Generally speaking paramotoring has very good safety record. It is very rightly said, “Any kind of flying can be made as safe or as dangerous as you would like to have it” This very much applies to Paramotoring too. Do not take unnecessary chances. Listen to your inner self. Read the weather. Maintain your equipment in good condition. We don’t’ see why things should go wrong.


Cost: 5000 INR
For video 500 INR

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