Fly like a bird in the sky without any machine. A real thrill of life. Fly with birds in clean sky of Goa.

You fly with a qualified pilot, sit comfortably in a seat and enjoy the real beauty of Goa’s sea beach from up above.

You can make your flying video from the sky . we provide HD action cam video footage at a cost.

No previous experience is needed for tandem flying. Passenger has to climb up to the take off point. It’s only 10 minutes track.

The flights are subject to weather conditions. Every time our first priority is ” Safety comes First”.
We have a 100% Safety Record in the past 8 years of our experience in Tandem Flying in Goa.
Tandem rides are available all days during the season (1st November to 31 March).
For flying in paraglider in good wind conditions the minimum weight required is 35 kg and maximum weight is 80kg.
In little strong conditions minimum weight required 50kg and maximum weight till 95 kg.
In case of strong wind our team don’t fly. Safety comes first.

Please make sure that you don’t have any heart problem or epilepsy.

Cost of joyride 3000₹
Cost for Video 500₹ (Optional)
Cost for Arco 500₹ (Optional)
Time duration is 5 to 10 minutes.

One of the famous beach areas of Goa, Arambol is also famous for the paragliding experiences that the place has to offer. The best launching point is the headland above the Kalacha Lake. Arambol is perfect for beginners, the reason being the smooth and calm breeze which is perfect for a no-break flight.
How to Reach
Arambol is a two-hour drive from the Dabolim airport.
Best Time to Visit
November To March
Popular Operators
Goa Tourism Development Corporation
Approximate Cost
Tandem flights starting from INR 3000 (approx)

Best time to visit:

November To March . Experience the thrill of flying and viewing the gorgeous view in number one destination in India. Are there any necessary things to carry while paragliding? You should preferably carry sunglasses to avoid the direct sun rays.

Is paragliding safe?

Yes, paragliding is safe. You should ensure to wear all the safety equipment, including helmet and check your harness and reserve parachute beforehand.

Can we eat before taking off?

You should not eat before flying and immediately after landing. Light snacks before 30-40 minutes are acceptable.


  • Be mentally prepared. (Don’t start freaking out once you are up there, stay calm)
  • A clear weather is extremely necessary for paragliding.
  • Make sure that the pilot/instructor is properly trained.
  • Wear the clothes that you are comfortable in and are light, maybe socks and trainers to go with them.Enjoy and take in the whole thing as a life-changing experience. 



  • its a nature based sport. So you can fly in proper conditions. Not any time.
  • Forget to fasten your leg straps.
  • Panic. (Trust me when I say this, it is not worth it!)
  • Age of children is 14 year and weight should be more than 35 kg
  • Maximum weight limit of passenger is 99 kg


Cost: INR 3000 onwards
For video INR 500  (optional)

For Arco INR 500 (Optional)

contact info

H. no 104 , Diara sector, Bilaspur-174001


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